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Our History

West Lothian Handball is a voluntary organisation founded in March 2008 with the responsibility to provide opportunities for young people to get involved in a not so well sport in Scotland. 

The group was created by a group of Active School Coordinators, who through the success of handball within their cluster schools, were keen to volunteer their time to create a overarching group to provide opportunities for the children to take part in handball out with of the school sessions.

In 2008 when the group (then known as West Lothian Handball Development Group) we already had one club starting in Livingston Handball Club which was and currently still is based at Inveralmond Community High School.

Through the hard work, we now have sessions running in the following areas in addition to the session at Inveralmond - Armadale/ Linlithgow/ Broxburn, with more to follow.

From the very start, West Lothian Handball had 2 main visions:

  • Use handball as a tool for social change

  • Make handball accessible to everyone in West Lothian

We are delighted to have run a number of handball projects in West Lothian which we have been delighted with the success that we have got from these.

They all have the same thing in common -  they are based around our vision for handball.

Over the years, West Lothian Handball has celebrated a great number of successes each one of them different but equally just as important as the other.

Some of our success includes:

  • High number of players participating in National Squads

  • 2 Senior GB female players

  • 5 GB youth Male players

  • 190+ members across our clubs

  • 300+ individual participants taking part in West Lothian Handball Activities

  • 5000+ participants taking part in some kind of handball in school

  • 9 Primary School Festivals

  • 8 Secondary School Events

  • Countless Secondary School Championships (including all 3 male age groups in 2017)

  • Successful Partnership with Active Schools and Sports Development in West Lothian

  • Paid members of staff

  • International Standard coaches and Referees

  • A volunteers teams of 12+

If you had told the 4 original members of the group that within 10 years of West Lothian Handball, we would have achieved all of this great success, I don't think they would have believed you!

However, with great success comes great determination and hard work and we look forward to seeing what we can achieve in years to come! 

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