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AGM Meeting

Hi Everyone

Welcome back to the new season for West Lothian Handball (WLH).

WLH are holding their AGM in Inveralmond Community High School on Fri 8 September’17 at 6.45pm. The Committee is kindly inviting you to join us and find out more about our work.

A lot of our work is done by volunteers who support the sport in a big way, - in fact we would not exist without them. As the saying goes the more the merrier and on that note, could I ask you to come and help us or just find out if there is anything you might be happy to support us with.

One important aspect is Fundraising. We always work on the basis that we should provide handball for everybody and to achieve this we need to organise events for Fundraising. Our fundraisers are needing more people to help, if you are interested in helping please contact us (email address below).

If you could please email if you are able to come to our AGM or are interested to help with fundraising to our Secretary Margaret Strachan by Wed 6th September’17.

Our new website has just been launched why not look at it – link below. This is where we will be putting all our upcoming matches, fundraising, events etc on.

Website - www.

Look forward to seeing you all.


Monika Wilkinson


West Lothian Handball

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