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Active June

Good morning everyone, hope you are all safe and well. As we are soon coming into June and it has been over 10 weeks since we have had any training session running, we have created ‘Active June’. The idea behind ‘Active June’ is to get our players (and their families) active again. During this lockdown it is too easy to just stay indoors and watch tv or play a games console in between school/work and we want to change that.

Each week we will post a new challenge that we would encourage everyone to participate in. There will be 5 challenges in total and we hope that you will join us in taking part.

To get us started, this weeks Challenge is called the Name Challenge. You will see in the picture below that for every letter of the alphabet there is an exercise, all you need to do is spell out your first name and you will see your workout. We would like you to film your workout by creating a time-lapse video and post it on our Facebook page so we can see how you get on!

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